Hi, I’m Sandy

I have been “cooking” for a long time… Culinary School taught me the “Science” behind the art, and so it began! They say everyone has a “language of Love” and I suppose mine is FOOD! Nothing better then the look of a customer trying a sample of something and seeing the expression on their face!

After Culinary school there was a 10 year stint in Telecom (weird right?) and then finally an opportunity came up in June of 2019 to buy the old Butcher’s Block. My team and I went to work immediately to create “The Butcher and a Baker” with a new “look” and fresh food! We also created an atmosphere for nothing short of “excellent customer service” and that really is our “Secret Sauce!” AND… My TEAM-So very proud of them! They work so hard and take ownership in the store.. I couldn’t ask for more! We ARE a family!(we argue too!)